Got Research?

I research the medical literature for the efficacy and safety of conventional and alternative therapies and present the results here.  My goal is to help you navigate the world of so-called alternative cancer treatment from a scientific perspective.  

Perhaps you have been exhaustively treated for cancer, and are now looking for effective alternative cancer treatment.  Or perhaps you need scientifically valid dietary or supplementation approaches that you can pursue in conjunction with conventional treatment.

All of the information on my website — whether about diets, supplements, or conventional approaches — is free.  If you are interested in a particular approach you see here, please visit the main tabs, print off the information, take it to your doctor, and discuss it with them.  

I recommend that you explore the free information already on the website!  Just see the topics in the header tabs above.  These pages will answer the vast majority of questions for most cancer patients.  

Need More Help?

For those who need more specific questions answered, I offer a medical literature research service.  Examples of topics I can investigate:

  • The safety and efficacy of a particular anti-cancer pharmaceutical or set of pharmaceuticals
  • How to locate clinical trials for your particular cancer type and geographic location in the US
  • How to locate adjunctive treatments or alternative cancer treatments at clinics within US borders

What Do You Get?

If you’re looking for cancer clinical trials or a report on a treatment, you get a report of my results, with a list of references consisting of peer-reviewed scientific publications.  The research report is simple enough for any layman to understand, but you can take it to your doctor for review.

Please contact me today if you are interested in hiring me to research a medical topic for you! 

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We came to Monica when a family member was diagnosed with a rare cancer that is highly resistant to conventional chemotherapy. At the time, we were devastated and felt that the medical community had given up on our case. Since we are not doctors, researching alternatives such as clinical trials, foreign clinics and supplemental protocols was a daunting task that we were not physically or emotionally capable of performing. While going through an overwhelming crisis such as this, we needed someone competent, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy enough to put our loved one’s life in their hands. She did just that. Not only was she accountable, but she also made us feel like part of her family. No question went unanswered and no stone was left unturned. Because of her services, we now have a clear and viable, scientifically proven treatment plan. Had we not sought help from her, we would simply be trying to make our family member comfortable until the end of her journey. We now have hope and confidence that we will have many more years with her, and we cannot express in words our gratitude to her.

— Lynn McNeely (written in mid-2014 — cancer patient described is still alive and well)

When I was very sick in the hospital I had to battle doctors who, following conventional medicine, insisted my only option was surgery to remove a piece of my body that “I could live without” but didn’t want to live without. (It wasn’t my arm, but would you want to live without an arm just because you can?) It is harder than I can describe to be sick, weak, and on brain foggy-ing pain medication trying to fight smart, informed doctors with time running out. Add to that I have a general ignorance of science and medicine and so did my family. I felt helpless and hopeless. Thankfully Monica read my lab reports, did some online research, and confirmed for me my common sense understanding of the situation was possibly accurate, and why, giving me the scientific ammunition to go to my doctors and make demands. I recovered fully, and remained fully intact. I couldn’t have done it without Monica’s help. She gave me the knowledge I needed to have the courage to push for the treatment I wanted that ultimately worked. Knowledge is power!

— Anonymous