Other Cancer Immunotherapy

FDA-approved and clinical trial options for cancer immunotherapy have never been more abundant in the United States.  

What about other cancer immunotherapy in foreign countries, for those who have exhausted their options in the United States?  Unlike many alternative cancer therapies, the first and arguably most successful cancer therapy ever developed in the USA, Coley fluid, is still largely unknown to the American public.  

Other cancer immunotherapy options (such as BCG vaccine, Coley fluid, and dendritic cell vaccines) may be pursued in clinics in Japan, Germany, Mexico, and other countries.  All of them have a surprisingly good track-record of success.

In this riveting documentary, survivors of advanced cancer show their medical scans and records, and demand that the US government bring back Coley fluid, the 120 year old fever therapy that cured them.

Cancer Survivors USA - a road trip and an open letter to Senator Tom Harkin from Gar Hildenbrand on Vimeo.

Below, Dr. Ralph Moss, alternative cancer therapy expert, presents a brief history of Coley’s fever therapy and its inception at Sloan-Kettering. 

Recently Dr. Lloyd Old conducted a small clinical trial of Coley fluid at Sloan-Kettering where it had been invented nearly 120 years prior.  The trial was published in 2012, only a few months after Dr. Old’s own death from cancer.

The stunning conclusion of the trial was that Coley’s therapy "can lead to a massive induction of immunoregulatory cytokines that may be involved in inducing tumor regressions."

This portion of the website is still under development.  For those researching immunotherapy options available in Mexico, see CHIPSA Hospital, San Diego Clinic, and Issels.  All are based in Tijuana, Mexico and offer some combination of Coley fluid, BCG vaccine, and dendritic cell vaccines.

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